Strong like steel? What about the mighty oak?

Posted on: 2022-02-03 10:26:32

It's sleeting outside right now and while many people are having flashbacks to the event of last year. But one of the things that came to mind as I looked outside this morning was the trees in the front yard.

When people think about strength, we often think of steel. As in the "Man of Steel". And while steel has been used to create some of the biggest structures in existence, steel isn't perfect for everything.

While steel is strong, steel can form hidden cracks. When it finally does break, it can be catastrophic.

But oaks. Oaks may not be as strong as steel directly. But they are magnificent and mighty.

When it snowed and iced last year, our pin-oak's branches drooped nearly 9 feet until they basically touched the ground. Walking around outside after the snow, you could hear branches of the Juniper (Texas Cedar) trees snapping in the cold and the weight of of the snow.

I can't pull down a branch on my own, but the snow can weigh it down. But after the snow melts, the branches are restored and the oak is no worse for wear.

All that said, when we think about strength, we should consider the oak, which can bend and twist, be stripped naked of its leaves, be taken down nearly to the ground, but yet can withstand it all.