Amateur Radio

The information on this page is outdated. It's hard to remain active and juggle the rest of life's duties. I still check into the nets once or twice a year, but I've been inactive since 2018. The information on this page may not be up-to-date anymore.

A list of generally useful info for a Central Texas ham.

My callsign is KF5ZQE. I'm primarily on 2M FM in the Central Texas area.

Local Clubs

  • TARC - Local to Temple, general club where there isn't a particular focus.
  • CTARC - Also local to Temple, primarily focused on weather and emergency communications.
  • HOTARC - Just up the road in Waco.
  • TSGARC - Texas State Guard - Also up in Waco.

Weekly Nets

  • Monday nights at 7PM, TARC Net on 146.82 +123.0
  • Tuesday nights at 9PM SSTV Net on 147.24 +97.4
  • Wednesday nights at 7:30PM W5TSG Emergency Relay Net on 147.320 +123.0
  • Thursday nights at 8PM CTARC Net on 145.31 -123.0


All 2M Repeaters within ~40 miles of my QTH.

My Equipment

  1. Icom 880 (Mobile) with a 5/8 wave whip on my car
  2. Icom 880 (QTH) with a 1/4 wave whip (inactive)
  3. UV-82 (Mobile/working)