So Much For a Post Every Day

Posted on: 2008-07-25 02:02:38

I've been really busy the past week or so. Leaving on a cruise to Cozumel on Saturday. Woohoo! So everything I've been doing is getting ready for this. I've still got to pack tomorrow and do a bunch of errands.

So I finally redid my office since my roommate moved out and I've been using it more. The old was was... well... see for yourself.

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The desk was there when I moved in. It was falling apart. The black drawers I've had since my college days. There was pretty much no organization, no room to spread out, and very little room to move around.

p=. Old & Busted. Pleh.

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No shelves. Just big, ugly, empty walls. Gag.

p=. New hotness! Woot!

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All-in-all I spent less than $800 and the improvement is already having a great effect. I'm way more organized and I actually enjoy working in my office now!