Questions About Abortion

Posted on: 2010-02-15 23:32:40

These questions are for people who consider themselves pro-abortion (aka "pro-choice") and affiliate themselves with a Christian denomination.

I have seen the following reasons why a pregnant mother should consider an abortion:

Danger to the mother

Danger to the fetus

Lack of financial responsibility money

Unwillingness or inability to properly care for child

That's it's not a baby

True freedom of the mother

Abusive partner's control

Unplanned or unwanted pregnancies (rape or incest)

So... where exactly does God's providence and sovereignty fit in? As Christians we can all agree that God is sovereign, right? A quick search notes about 300 places in the bible where He is called Sovereign Lord.

If we are His created, and he is Sovereign over creation, then He is sovereign, that is, having a royal dominion and power over us... determining His affairs in our daily lives... over us. If He is over us, and "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." (Isaiah 55:9) then surely He knows things we don't know. He has plans for us that we cannot even fathom.

We are created in His image. He is the potter, we are the clay. We could not be made without Him. So, too, could our children, who are also made in His image, not be made without Him? They have to in order to be made in His image, do they not? If He was not a part of them and didn't bestow His image onto them, they would not be made in His image, would they?

So if we are His and they are His and the Lord is sovereign over us then surely he is also sovereign over them: mother and child alike. And since God came before all, and formed us from the dirt, on the first try, surely that means that he knew us before we had taken form. We as a race were conceived in His mind first, before being created. So, too, are not all children conceived in His mind before they were created? God didn't create man, mess up, and start over again! He got it right the first time. He had a plan.

So if God has a plan for that child, whom He knew before conception, then how on earth can abortion be justified? How can you be certain that this child isn't meant for something great? If the mother or child is in danger: do you not trust God to protect those lives? I mean, if the child is in danger, what is the big deal if it's "just a fetus" to let the mother try to carry to term? Do you not trust that the Lord is sovereign over the whole situation? The same goes for non-Christians: are you saying that the Lord can't be sovereign over all for them? Is the Old testament's chronicle of Sarah's giving birth to Isaac not proof enough that God is not only capable of controlling a woman's reproductive system, but will, for His glory, not only control it but will protect the mother and child for his purposes?

Is it "just a fetus?" The bible makes it pretty clear that all of creation was known before it came into being, and not just in Genesis. The world was created once and only once, because He knew it before it was made and it was Good! Jesus was preached about for hundreds of years before his coming. Prophesy is exactly that -- telling the future before it happens. You cannot say that God is incapable of knowing each and every child before they are born. That would be too limiting to an all-powerful, all-knowing, and ever-loving God who created everything we know!

In the same way, over all of the perceived problems that a potential mother or family might have, is it not... showing a distrust of God to want to take matters into your own hands? Is it not claiming to the Lord, "I am in control, not you! I do not trust that you will provide for me and my child." If that's not it, then what is it?

Consider this: Your wife consents to an abortion because of a problem endangering her life if she continues to carry the child to term. She has the abortion, but then her life is taken from her in a car-wreck. What was gained? Is not her life not her own, but God's own life to do with as He wills? The same as my life, your life, and all of the other lives on this home-away-from-home? If he can take a life, surely he can save a life.

I'm really curious about this. I can't stop thinking about it. What in scripture leads people to believe that abortion (in any form) is okay?