Peace and Quiet... or not.

Posted on: 2008-06-17 09:46:03

I've been quiet for the past week or so... mainly because if I haven't been really busy then I've been asleep or just being a bum. I ended up getting a new Plasma TV for my birthday (as well as a Blu-Ray player and some movies) so the majority of my bum-time has been spent gawking at 42" of pure technological beauty.

I was really surprised to find that (unlike other TV of similar size) I could play Guitar Hero 3 without calibrating for lag. In fact, the only calibration I ended up making was a 4ms audio lag. Not bad considering some of the previous adjustments I had made with other TVs or projectors.

Setting it all up was super-easy and I've even gotten my remote reprogrammed for it. Yay Logitech Harmony. Now it's just a matter of time before the HDMI cables come in and all of the component cables can be put into storage. Call me silly, but I was unaware that HDMI also carried audio until hooking all this stuff up. The whole setup is much cleaner and getting rid of the top of the entertainment center has really opened up the living room.

Lately my place has started feeling much more like home. I hung up curtains, really cleaned, moved a bunch of stuff around, and thrown away stuff that I had been holding onto. It's been my way of being productive during this period where I really don't feel like doing anything web-oriented. I'm sure it's just a phase, though.