New Snail Mail SPAM Tactic: Seek & Destroy

Posted on: 2008-07-12 15:38:26

So in my weekly ritual of going through mail and shredding everything not of interest... my shredder choked pretty badly. Reverse. Forward. Still stuck. Pulled gently. Wouldn't budge. Pulled harder. Used two hands. Finally it came out. Turned shredder back on. Still stuck.

What the hell?

After 5 minutes, a screwdriver, and some needle-nose pliers, I finally found the culprit:


One of the auto dealerships had put a key in an envelope. My guess is that in an effort to stop the spamicide of their mailing, they tried to take my shredder out ninja style.

Luckily, my shredder-fu is much greater than their spam-fu. After removal, the shredder kept devouring without a hitch.