My New Love Affair With Adobe AIR

Posted on: 2008-05-25 14:29:01

While at php|tek this past week, I attended a session by "Ed Finkler": called "Building Desktop RIAs with PHP, HTML and Javascript in AIR": At first, I was skeptical. Surely, this was all too good to be true.

Duly inspired, I set off hacking on my own application. After a little while (roughly an hour), I had a fairly impressive mock-up of my application going.

After downloading some more apps from "Adobe Application Exchange":, the whole idea of what Adobe is doing with AIR finally hit me. This is opening up real rapid application development to a whole slew of people who don't know those "real" languages like C#, C++, Objective-C, or Java.

Anyway, it's awesome and you should try it out.