Movie Curiosity: Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Posted on: 2008-08-02 10:45:49

This morning, I finally managed to finish <a type="amzn">No Country For Old Men. It was great. One of those genre overlapping movies that doesn't fit into any one particular category. You might say it was basically a "chase" movie (as the Coen brothers called it).

The bad guy in that movie is "Javier Bardem": He's so good at it. Really great. As it turns out, he is going to be in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona": as well.

It's a little deja vù with what "Gerard Butler": did with "300": and "P.S. I Love You": One minute, the guy is a total ultimate badass putting fear and animosity into the hearts of any intelligent soul, the next he's the reason all the lady's are wishfully sighing and getting all teary-eyed.

His performance in this movie will be a very interesting contrast to what we've seen of him in NCFOM[1].

fn1. Considering that I've only seen him in one other thing, my scope is limited. You might already know he's a great actor.