Limits on Powder & Primers

Posted on: 2010-05-17 15:43:12

At my boss's direction, I called the City Attorney's office and inquired about the maximum amount of powder & primers that one might possess at home.

According to the city attorney Temple, TX adopted the 2006 ICC Fire Code and you are limited to:

He wasn't sure if this was 'per person' or if this was a limit based on the location. The exact wording is tough to get ahold of because the law is copyrighted and it is not freely available online.

I can't imagine if you had some stored in a another building or offsite (legally) there would be a problem with possessing more than that. But honestly, 20 pounds of powder is a lot of powder. (25k+ rounds of 9mm, for instance depending on load).

There are probably similar limits in most areas, so please be sure check before stocking up!