God & Us: Father & Son

Posted on: 2011-07-24 15:13:30

Watching my son gives me insight into how our own relationship between our heavenly father and us looks.

It is hard to count the number of times he has done something that I obviously wished him not to do -- even while under constant supervision. He knows that what he does goes against my wishes. When I call him he does not come to me with childlike innocence... he quickly stops what he is doing and looks at me with these eyes that seem to say "I was not doing what you think I was doing!" Whoever says children are full of innocence and good must not have met my child! He knows full that his actions are not what I desire and when caught in the act he quickly tries to hide his actions.

He definitely gets that from me.

How many times have I done something and then half a moment later realized that our Father is watching over me? I'd do good to, like my son, quickly throw the object with which I've taken an interest in as far away as possible. Sadly, the son trumps the father on this one. The one think thankfully he has not yet learned is pride!

I thank God that he disciplines me just like I discipline my son.