Dear Liberals

Posted on: 2010-03-23 00:12:20

bq. "Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall." -Proverbs 16:18

Delivered to my inbox this morning from "David Plouffe," was a message entitled "Will you add your name?" You might be asking yourself why a registered republican subscribe to such political rubbish? Simple. To keep my enemies closer. Sometimes it is funny, other times, like today, it's downright disturbing.

For some reason, the Democrats like to lie to themselves. They think that this "century-long fight" has finally been won. We haven't been fighting towards communism for 100 years. We've been fighting to stave it off for as long as we can. And for some reason, these people think that this is some sort of "win." Heck, they didn't even get the public option! And the "liberal feminists are furious":!

I'm curious what would lead them to believe that the vote yesterday "...[proves] once again that Americans, standing together, can change the course of a nation." Do these people realize that the people standing together were "totally opposed to the healthcare bill?": I mean, you'd have to have mental problems to think that the Jack and Jill hometown democrat had anything to do with the passage last night. Are these liberals on drugs? (I mean, "this guy": has to be.) Are they completely oblivious to all of the "underhanded dealings": that went into making this happen? The Democrats who "changed their vote to Aye": didn't change their vote because ma-and-pa were calling their offices telling them to vote for it. They changed their votes because "Obama was threatening to withdraw his support of them": among other things.

So, now that these weak-minded sheep can feel all warm and fuzzy inside for feeling like they had a hand in the biggest bribery of our generation they get a special prize for eating the whole cracker-jack box!

They have a chance to <a href="">"co-sign" the health care "reform" bill with President Obama.

(please excuse my language) You must be shitting me.

First off, you aren't co-signing anything. Only the president is signing this steaming pile of a bill. Secondly, how stupid do you have to be to put your name in a permanent archive "so that generations to come will have a record of those who stood together in this moment." Are you kidding me? This bill has the potential to "bankrupt the country": and you want to put your name on it? Why? Do you want the rest of us angry, dissenters to know who to hang for treason first? Why would you want to do that?

I'm going to have to go with pride. It's so crystal clear. People want to feel like they've made a difference. They want to feel like they own a piece of this. The democratic party is using parlor tricks against it's own members. They feed them lie after lie, but continue to make them feel like they had some part in it, when in reality they are getting the same thing they despised from Bush but in a different package. Obama has consistently lied to them, and they love him. He is their God, no doubt about it. And since you can mix liberalism and Christianity, we're pretty much left with secular humanists who think they are more enlightened than everyone else.

For people who claim to want to "progress" us keep running around in circles. Apparently progress means getting rid of humans! Apparently saving the planet means "having less children": I mean, heck, liberals don't have a problem killing children because they may be an inconvenience. They can also say it'll help the planet! So, let's save the planet for our children's sake... but let's have less children... We've got to save them something, at the point, they'll have nothing but debt (if the country hasn't gone bankrupt by then.) Our debt increases, but if we have less children there will be less people to spread the debt around. That makes total sense! If you're a liberal...

Yes, the pride comes before the fall. And this fall, we are done playing games. You can expect a fight like you've never seen before. All that you have worked for will pass away, one way or another. We are tired of your hypocrisy, lies, pride, political correctness and blatant destruction of our freedoms and our country. You may have won the healthcare battle, but the sleep giant has awoken and piece by piece as this bumbling monstrosity of a bill comes into effect it will serve as the fuel we need to defeat you and your anti-capitalist, anti-family, anti-life, anti-american agenda.